As a busy, working mom, I know how important time is.  To make the most of the very important time spent with your child’s pediatric health care provider, take a few minutes to watch my interview on Coast Live with April Woodard.  I give you tips to make the very best use of your time.

Don’t forget to bring your mask and please be patient with the staffing shortages that are being experienced nationwide.

Watch the video here: Preparing for your child’s office visit

This time of year is very difficult for my family as we lost my nephew Noah to suicide.  I write to remind folks that teens can become depressed and even suicidal. I hope that no other families will have to experience this pain. Suicide does not end pain, it just passes the pain to those who love you.

Please share the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Depression is treatable. Let’s prevent teen suicide. If you feel your teen is depressed, reach out to the hotline, call your pediatric healthcare provider, or mental health provider.  Take action.  Do not delay.
*Note after July 16, 2022, Calling 988 will direct you to the above lifeline.

In this busy season, there are so many things to do.  One of those things includes taking your child to the pediatric health clinic.  As a pediatric healthcare provider, I want to give you some simple hints to make each visit a little more productive and hopefully smoother. Read my article to see the 12 tips I recommend for a smoother visit:

Please be extra patient as there are staffing shortages everywhere. 

Most parents deal with diaper rash at some time or another.  Still parents wonder, if diaper rash means that they did something wrong.  People wonder if diaper rash is a sign of bad parenting.  It certainly is not.  Any child can get a diaper rash for a variety of reasons so do not feel one bit guilty if your infant or child gets one. Read more about how you can deal with diaper rash and learn what to do to prevent diaper rash and how to care for it when it pops up unexpectedly.

Nosebleeds are rather common in children, but can be so annoying, both for the parent and for the child.  They can even be embarassing, as they can happen just about anywhere and at any time. These happen to nearly every child and are rarely serious, but can be concerning. What can you as a parent do to treat and prevent nosebleeds? 

Read more about nosebleeds: