Are you aware that there are 3,500 infant deaths annually in the U.S.? Many of these deaths are preventable. Sleep babies on their back.  Be sure to keep toys and pillows out of the crib.  No bumper pads are needed.  Take a look at this months article in the Tidewater Family magazine to learn more about safe sleeping for infants.

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Tis the season for family fun, holiday travel, and of course…the gift that keeps on giving….the family cold.  If you have brought home (and passed around) that family cold,like we have in our family, you may have some questions about what a cold really is, how to prevent it from spreading AND most importantly what to do once you’ve got it!  Take a look at this month’s column (raising today’s child) called Q & A about Colds in the Tidewater Family Magazine. CLICK HERE TO LINK.

Sadly, this month is the one year anniversary of my nephew’s suicide. Let’s help prevent suicide.  If you or someone you know needs help with thoughts of suicide, reach out….call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK, or text the Crisis Text Line at 741741. You may be able to prevent a family tragedy just by caring and spreading a message of hope. Join me in praying that not one more family will endure the pain of suicide.


 Is your baby crying?

Never shake a  baby!

Shaking can cause permanent brain damage, coma and even death. Step away. Take a break.

Check the basics

Are they thirsty? Give a bottle.  Are they wet? Change a diaper. Do they have gas?  Burp them.  Are they too warm? Take a sweater off. Are they too cool? Put a sweater on.

Comfort them

Rocking, walking, baby wearing, car rides (in a car seat, backwards facing), white noice (fan or vacuum), a pacifier, soft music, or a stroller ride may help.


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Sleep is vital to good health. This is never more true than with kids.  Are you aware that children need 10 hours of sleep each night?  I’m chuckling as it’s after 11pm….and I need more sleep as well. I’d bet, you do too! Since you’re not sleeping anyway, please take a look at my September column on getting a healthy night’s sleep in the Tidewater Family Magazine.  Maybe it’ll make you sleepy….yawn…..

Tidewater Family Magazine: A Healthy Night’s Sleep