Meet Me

I’m Melanie J Wilhelm DNP, CPNP.  I’m a Doctor of Nursing Practice and a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. My mission is to help families live healthier, happier lives. When my daughter, Ashley-Kate, was small, she struggled with asthma. I spent many days in the pediatric office. I was frustrated that no one seemed to be able to help her. I thought that there certainly must be a way to prevent these wheezing episodes. Finally I found a wonderful Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who specialized in asthma care. After working with her my daughter’s health drastically improved. I started thinking about going back to school….and here I am. Becoming a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP) has been the greatest decision of my life.

After completing my doctorate, I was on a vacation with my family at Caneel Bay in St John USVI.  I woke early to have some quiet prayer and meditation on the beach before the kids got up. It was an amazing morning, the sea turtles were popping their heads up, a small dear wondered down to the waves and a pelican was diving for fish. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of nature and all that God had created.  I got up to put my toes in the ocean and as I walked along the beach I paused to look back. As I looked back I saw my footsteps being washed away by the ocean. I felt God speak to my soul as I heard the words, ”You’ve got to leave a deeper mark.” I knew that I had a mission on this earth to help families. I felt called to write a series of parenting books not just to help this generation of parents, but for subsequent generations of parents. I was called to leave a legacy that could help many generations raise healthy, happy children.

From the date of that vacation, it took me about five years to release my first book, “Raising Today’s Baby”. I have now released the updated “Raising Today’s Baby, Second Edition”. It is peer-reviewed by physicians and offers the latest in grounded medical recommendations, as well as my experiences as a parent. This parenting book covers topics from birth to one year, including feeding, bathing and medical questions. It is available for ONLY $15.95 plus tax on the link at Get your copy today! Want it RIGHT NOW?  Download it on Kindle for ONLY $9.95 plus tax. Stay tuned for the next book in the series, as “Raising Today’s Toddler” is well on the road to publication.  BUY BOOK HERE

It is my honor to help families each day. When I lay down to sleep, I rest well knowing that I made someone else’s journey a bit easier.


My Background

After spending 15 years as a Registered Nurse and raising 2 children, I earned my Master’s degree at Old Dominion University to become a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP). It has been a difficult yet fulfilling journey. I later went back to Old Dominion University to complete the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). I have been working as a CPNP for 20 years. Nurse Practitioners work to provide health care such as check-ups and sick visits. I worked for 20 years with a large pediatric group located in Norfolk, Virginia. I am also a core faculty at Walden University. I write a monthly column for the Tidewater Family Magazine. I enjoy blogging and speaking. Friend me on facebook ( and follow me on twitter ( I am writing a series of parenting books (the Raising Today’s series). I enjoy book signings where I get to meet and speak with my readers! Check the website for book signings, parenting classes, and other appearances near you! I’d love to connect.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help families raise healthy, happy children. It’s a mission that I love every day. I am honored to help such fantastic families. By educating parents and answering questions, I guide families into healthier lifestyles. I love to use my education and even my parenting experiences to help folks on their parenting journey.

Professional Organizations

I am actively involved in the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) where I previously held the vice president position of the Hampton Roads chapter from 2006-2007 and was later nominated and elected as president from 2006-2007. 

My Life

I am married to Matt Wilhelm and we have two children, Brandon and Ashley-Kate. Matt retired from the US Navy after 26 years of service with the HM 14 helicopter squadron as a Crew Chief on the MH53E helicopters.  He now works a government contract position with Wylie. My son, Brandon majored in Computer Information Systems and graduated from Kent State University in 2012. Both my boys love playing ice hockey. Ashley-Kate is a graduate from James Madison University in Public Relations. I love shopping with my daughter and traveling with my family. Fashion and decorating are also a few of my pleasures. I am a published author and public speaker. In order to help new parents (or as a refresher for grandparents), I published a parenting book entitled Raising Today’s Baby, Second edition, which I plan to become part of a series. This book gives practical advice on caring for infants less than a year of age while sharing some of my previous experiences and struggles with parenting. Raising Today’s Baby, second edition focuses on child care from birth to 1 year and includes topics such as feeding, crying, sleep issues, bathing and many more. Get your copy today! Stay tuned for Raising Today’s Toddler, scheduled for release in 2018.