Hi all!  Here it is June, time for check-ups, yet many parents still feel hesitant about scheduling their child’s routine well visit. This is especially concerning in the light of COVID-19, for which we currently have no vaccination.

It is very important to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.  You can do this by limiting your interactions with others, avoiding sick people, staying home if you are ill, washing your hands before eating and after using the restroom, wearing a mask in public (as not to spread germs) and avoiding touching your face.

Check with your pediatric provider to be alerted to the prevention measures which they have instituted.  Many offices are seeing well children at times or in locations where there are no sick children allowed.  Be sure that the staff is using appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment: masks) and cleansing their hands often. Avoid waiting rooms if possible by checking in from your car in the parking lot.

There is concern that children could be at increased risk for catching vaccine preventable diseases if they get behind on their vaccination schedule.  Don’t delay those vaccines! Do all that you can do to keep your child and your family safe, but it’s vital to stay up to date on those vaccinations.  

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