Worldwide 10 million people a year get measles and it’s a very serious disease. Symptoms include fever, cough, runny nose, and rash. Complications include pneumonia and even encephalitis. Measles can be prevented with two doses of the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine).

Read more at the Tidewater Family Plus Magaine on page 20 at: The Measles Returns

When you go in for your child’s annual well exam, the pediatric healthcare provider will review your child’s growth in height and weight according to “the growth chart”. Sometimes this part of the visit goes by quickly and may be confusing. Do not hesitate to ask questions about your child’s growth. The Tidwater Family Plus March 2025 edition has my article on “Understanding Growth Charts” on p.20. Take a look to be sure that you understand what growth charts are and how they are utilized. 

Are you aware that there are different types of pediatric visits? When you call your child’s pediatric healthcare provider’s office, they may ask why you want to schedule an appointment. Be sure to request the type of visit you need in order to save time and frustration! The February 2024 edition of the Tidewater Family Plus Magazine has my article on “Types of Pediatric Visits” on p.20. Take a look to be sure that you are aware of the type of visit that you need to request for your child. If you are scheduling a well visit, but have additional concerns (for example), be sure to request that extra time is blocked, so that the pediatric healthcare provider will have time to address those extra concerns.

Children often complain that their legs hurt. This occurs especially after a busy day with lots of walking or running. How can a parent know when it’s just normal “growing pain” or when they should worry and consult their pediatric healthcare provider?

In this month’s Tidewater family plus magazine article, I discuss what growing pains are, what causes them, who this affects, what helps (including certain foods), and when you should be concerned.

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