Happy fall y’all!  I can’t believe it’s fall….mostly because it’s still in the mid 80s here and the a/c is still on.  Still, I am drawn to make pumpkin bread, plant mums, and carve pumpkins.

To prepare for fall, don’t forget to get those flu shots.  I had a tradition with my children that we would go and get our flushots, then go for lunch.  After lunch we would go shopping for their Halloween costume.  It seemed to help to pair the uncomfortable activity (getting a flu shot) with something that they would enjoy (lunch and costumes). Give it a try with your kiddos. Click here to read more about the flushot.

Speaking of costumes, take a moment to read my October column in the Tidewater Family magazine, called Treats not Tricks, about how to choose a safe costume for your little trick-or-treater.

Read article here: Treats not Tricks!

Have a safe and festive fall season.