Asthma is a scary word.  It conjures images of kids coughing and wheezing while struggling to breathe.  Asthma can be scary, but it can also be managed if diagnosed and treated appropriately.  I have lived this life, having a child with asthma.  In fact, I decided to return to school BECAUSE of my child with asthma.  It seemed to me that no one could give me the answers I needed to PREVENT her flares. I remember waking to that dreaded nighttime cough (a signal of an asthma flare) and thinking….here we go again. Over time, we learned her triggers (cold air, weather changes, viral illness like colds, exposure to smoke/fumes from fire) and got the preventative medication we needed by working with a wonderful Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. If you, like me, want to learn MORE about asthma and HELP protect the ones you love, read my article in this months Tidewater Family Magazine:    Share this with family and friends so that we can help others live healthier lives. I thank you for your support in my mission to help parents raise healthy, happy children!