This week I was happy to be invited to join the team at WTKR Channel 3, Coast Live to speak about what to say to your kids regarding the COVID-19 crisis.  I reminded folks to be understanding, as this is a scary time for all people, not just kids.  Kids are very alert and pick up on our concerns. Please reassure them that they will be fine and that most people don’t get very sick with COVID-19, although some people may get sicker.  We will wear our masks and wash our hands to protect ourselves and others.

It’s also VERY important that folks do NOT delay those so necessary VACCINES.  We do not want this health crisis to lead to an even bigger health crisis with a resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases.  Pediatric offices are taking great measures to keep you and your child healthy.  Most offer well only appointments during certain hours.  Be sure to make your appointment for your child’s physical and vaccines. We want to keep everyone up to date and HEALTHY!

If you missed the broadcast, you can watch it here:

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