Thanks Coast Live for inviting me to discuss how to avoid heavy metals in baby foods.  It’s always fun to come to the studio and watch the magic happen.  Hopefully, we got the information out that you can decrease your child’s risk of exposure to heavy metals in baby food with just a few simple changes.  Watch the video to learn more:

Have siri set an alarm for Wed. Feb 12, 2020 at 10 am and switch on WTKR: Channel 3 (Norfolk) for Coast Live! They have invited me to discuss a study which found heavy metal contamination in 95% of baby foods tested.  Late fall 2019, a study was released that tested 168 baby foods, 61 brands from 17 stores nationwide. 1/4th of the baby foods had all four metals tested: lead,arsenic, mercury and cadmium. This is concerning due to the affects these metals can have on developing brains, resulting in lower IQ points and behavioral changes. Watch to find out what YOU can do to protect YOUR child.

Thanks Coast Live for inviting me!

I find that I spend a good deal of time striving for organization in my life.  I could not keep the schedule I keep without organization.  You see I work two jobs: as a clinician Doctor of Nursing Practice & Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, seeing patients three days each week and as an adjunct Assistant Professor with a local university. I am also a parent of two and a wife, a sister and a friend.  Try to squeeze in exercise and an occasional movie and that’s all the time we have.  Yet, I try to find more….time to write a monthly magazine column (, time to make a TV appearance (, and time to write my third book (Raising Today’s Toddler).  I’ve had some success at this. I completed my masters and doctoral degrees while raising 2 kids and being the wife of a Navy spouse (who was often deployed). I have published a book: Raising Today’s Baby and it’s update:  Raising Today’s Baby, 2nd edition, available on amazon (, and having survived generally up to this point (barely).  Don’t get me wrong.  I still MUST sleep.  I still get sick.  I still am HUMAN. I still have bad days.  I still fall short. I just believe that with a LITTLE more organization, you spend LESS time looking for lost keys and more time getting your GOALS accomplished. So this month I wrote my Tidewater family article on organization tips (  I wish for you a more organized year and less lost keys.