There’s still time to get your child a flushot.  The CDC (Center for Disease) reported that 80% of the children who died from influenza during the 2017-2018 season had NOT received their flushot. A study in Pediatrics showed that influenza vaccination (flushot) was effective in preventing flu-related deaths in children.   The CDC notes that flu activity is elevated nationally.  It is recommended for everyone six months and older get an annual flushot.  The flu vaccine is the best way to reduce your child’s risk of influenza (the flu). The flumist is NOT recommended this year. Read more about the flushot in this article from the Tidewater family magazine: Don’t forget the flu shot.

Join me on Tuesday January 15, 19 at 10:00 am EST on Channel 3 WTKR as I join hosts Cheryl Nelson and April Woodard on The Coast Live.  I’ll be premiering the Second Edition of Raising Today’s Baby and demonstrating the proper way to burp a baby. I’m looking forward to meeting April and Cheryl. I am thrilled that they have invited me to share my book with their lovely audience. 

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Many parents ask me if the HPV vaccine is right for their child. 79 million people currently are infected with HPV.  Wek know that over 30,000 Americans get a cancer caused by HPV.  Why wouldn’t we want to protect our children from this?

Here are three things you NEED TO KNOW:

  1. The HPV vaccine is recommended at age 11 (with a booster dose in 6-12 months) and works extremely well. 
  2. The HPV vaccine is the BEST way to protect your child from cancer. 
  3. The HPV vaccine is reducing HPV infection.

I gave this vaccine to my child.  You can protect your child as well!  Read more here: