Thanks to all the fine folks at Coast Live for inviting me to be a guest earlier this week.  I enjoyed educating the public about influenza (the flu).  Lots of folks think that the flu is a stomach bug, but in fact, it is a serious respiratory disorder characterized by fever, chills, body aches, headache, runny nose, sore throat and cough. The flu can derail any plans landing you in bed for a solid week. 

Best to protect yourself from the flu with a flushot.  I got mine last week and it wasn’t bad at all.  You may notice some soreness at the site of the injection and a bit of fatigue, but it won’t last long. It’s a myth that the flushot can give you the flu: it’s a dead virus. It can’t.

The CDC recommends that we all get our flu shots before the end of October. Make it more tolerable for your kids by pairing it with a fun activity such as getting your pumpkin or choosing a Halloween costume. Happy fall y’all!

Watch the segment here: