Chances are you’ve never heard of Container Baby Syndrome.  That’s because in years past, we didn’t see it.  Container Baby Syndrome occurs when a baby is placed in a container (like a carseat) for an extended period of time.  The container may be a car seat, a stroller, a swing, a bouncer,etc.  This prolonged immobilization can cause developmental delays.  The baby may not sit up well, may be late to crawl or walk. Babies need time to wiggle and move.  They need supervised tummy time while awake and on a flat surface (where they cannot fall).  They need to be held and played with.

Babies need to sleep on their backs to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  They do need to restrained while in a car: in a car seat, rear-facing and in the back seat until they outgrow the specifics for their car seat. 

Limit how much time your baby spends in any containers.  Use car seats ONLY for car rides.  Read more at: